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What are the preparation methods of organic nanofibers?

Preparation of organic nanofibers For organic nanofibers, there are mainly two preparation methods: composite spinning method and electrospinning method.
(1) Composite spinning technology is a method developed by Japan's Toray Corporation in 1970 for the manufacture of superfine fibers for artificial suede. This method uses polymers of different components to be specially distributed in a molten state, and then passed through The spinneret hole is stretched and extruded to produce sea-island fibers. One component in the fiber acts as a "sea" and the other component acts as an "island". After using this fiber to make a finished product, it will be The ingredients of the "sea" are dissolved to obtain nanofibers. Toray has successfully used this method to produce nanofibers with diameters less than 100nm. 


(2) Electrospinning technology, that is, polymer jet electrostatic stretching spinning method, is a new fiber preparation technology completely different from conventional spinning. The basic principle is that when an external electric field acts on the surface of the capillary liquid, the polymer melt or solution has a large amount of electrostatic charge. With the increase of the electric field force, the polymer melt or solution overcomes its surface tension to form a jet stream . During the spraying process, the solvent continuously volatilizes and solidifies, and finally forms an aggregate of ultrafine fibers on the receiving device. The diameter of these fibers is generally less than 100nm and has a continuous structure. Due to the simple operation, wide application and low cost, the electrospinning method has become a research hotspot in the field of nanofiber spinning.