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What are the applications of microfiber fabrics?

(1) Imitation silk fabric: the level of imitation silk and other natural fibers (wool, cotton, linen) of superfine fibers is getting higher and higher, and the simulation effect is becoming more and more realistic, even reaching the level of real ones.
(2) Imitation peach skin fabric: This is a kind of clothing fabric with high quality and unique style. The imitation peach skin fabric made of microfiber has extremely short and nice-feeling hairs on the surface, just like the fine and short hairs on the surface of peaches, which is soft, delicate and warm to the touch. High-end fashion, jackets, T-shirts, underwear, skirt pants, etc. made of this fabric are cool and comfortable, sweat-absorbing and not close-fitting, and full of youthful beauty. the
(3) Super absorbent materials: mainly used for super absorbent towels, paper towels, pen refills, sanitary napkins, diapers, etc. According to reports, the super absorbent towel absorbs water more than 5 times faster than ordinary towels, and absorbs water quickly and more, and feels very soft and comfortable when used.


(4) High-density waterproof and air-permeable fabrics: high-density fabrics woven from ultra-fine fibers, which are not only waterproof, but also have vapor and moisture permeability, and are lightweight and easy to fold and carry. Sportswear such as skiing, skating, and swimming made of microfiber can reduce resistance and help athletes create good results. the
(5) Clean cloth and dust-free clothing: Microfiber can absorb dust, particles, and liquids 7 times its own mass. The cleaning cloth made of microfiber has strong cleaning performance, decontamination is fast and thorough, and does not shed hair, and can be reused after washing. It is used in precision machinery, optical instruments, microelectronics, clean rooms and households, etc. It has been widely used in all aspects, and it is also an ideal choice for dust-free clothing.
(6) Imitation suede and artificial leather: Knitted and woven fabrics made of superfine fibers, after sanding or napping, dipped in polyurethane solution, dyed and finished to obtain imitation suede And artificial leather, which has the characteristics of high strength, light weight, bright color, mildew and moth resistance, and good flexibility. It is famous in the clothing industry for its lightness, thinness, softness, firmness, and both weather and rain. the
(7) Other applications: Microfibers have been widely used in thermal insulation materials, filter materials, ion exchange, artificial blood vessels, artificial skin and other medical materials, bioengineering and other fields. In the production of non-woven fabrics, in addition to being successfully applied to the weaving of advanced synthetic leather base fabrics and artificial suede, microfibers can also be used in melt-blown non-woven fabrics, spunlace non-woven fabrics, needle-punched non-woven fabrics, Weaving cloth and other products. the
News report: The filter layer of the mask is mainly composed of polypropylene melt-blown ultra-fine fibers, which are very thin and not resistant to high temperatures. When the temperature is higher than 80 degrees, they will shrink and deform, resulting in structural damage and reducing the protective effect. The entry of water will also cause the charge in the filter layer to disappear rapidly, resulting in a significant drop in filtering effect.