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What are the advantages of microfiber fabrics?

Good wrinkle resistance and abrasion resistance
The decrease in the fineness of superfine fibers reduces the absolute strength, but, for the same yarn number, the number of fibers in the yarn section is more than that of conventional yarns, so the yarn strength is still relatively high; at the same time, it is beneficial to sand the fabric Washing or napping treatment, so as to prepare high-grade fabrics such as imitation velvet, imitation suede and jeanette, and have better wrinkle resistance and abrasion resistance.
Fluffy and soft luster
The microfiber has small fineness and high fiber density, which increases the specific surface area and capillary effect of the fiber. While improving the coverage and bulkiness of the fabric, the reflection of light is also scattered, so that the distribution of reflected light inside the fiber is better. It is the most delicate, so the luster is soft, giving it a silky luster.


High-density fabric structure and high cleaning ability
The fibers of superfine fiber are thin, and the warp and weft threads are easy to stick to each other and squeeze and deform during weaving, so that it is easy to form high-density fabrics. The warp and weft density is several times that of ordinary fabrics. After finishing, even without any coating, etc. The treatment can also prepare waterproof fabrics, which can be applied to raincoats, windbreakers, casual wear, sportswear, dust-free clothing, fashion and shoe fabrics, etc. Similarly, due to its small monofilament density, when the woven fabric is used to wipe objects, the slender fibers are like sharp scrapers, so that it is easy to scrape off dirt. At the same time, the contact surface between microfiber and dirt is large, Therefore, it is easier to stick tightly, and has a strong capillary wicking effect, so that it is easy to absorb the attached dirt into the fabric, avoiding the re-contamination of the object due to the loss of dirt, so it has high cleaning ability and is an ideal wiping cloth Preferred with cleaning cloth.