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Our 100% Organic Cotton Waterproof Fitted Sheet protects the mattress from spills

Our 100% Organic Cotton Waterproof Fitted Sheet protects the mattress from spills and stains and prevents skin shear. It has a 1mil non-GMO bio-based TPU film sandwiched between the layers of cotton knit fabric, making it waterproof and breathable. The fabric is also abrasion resistant, anti-static, and noiseless. Available in crib sizes to king.
Hospital bed fitted sheets are used in healthcare institutions to help keep patients comfortable while they sleep. The typical woven muslin cotton or polycotton hospital sheet found in most hospitals across the world is cheap and durable, but it can be difficult to keep clean and free of germs. Typically, the sheets can become loose from the hospital bed or develop holes and runs over time. Fortunately, there is a solution to these issues that makes it possible for the nurses to provide better patient care and reduce the risk of bedsores.
The aim of this study was to test the effect of different factors on a double-side knitted polyester/cotton fabric before and after waterproof treatment, in order to find optimum conditions for the production of a high quality breathable waterproof fitted sheet. For this purpose, a two-level factorial design 25 was used, in which the main process conditions that influence the waterproof treatment were analysed. Among them were coating concentration, pressure, number of mesh per inch and drying temperature. A total of 32 experiment sets were conducted to evaluate the effects of these variables.
In this article, the results showed that it is important to apply the right amount of coating in order to achieve a desirable waterproof performance. A high amount of coating will reduce the inter-yarn spaces in the fabric, thus reducing the size of pores. However, it is equally important to make sure that the fabric remains breathable. For this reason, the optimum values of squeegee pressure (12 bar) and temperature (160 °C) were found for this particular type of fabric.
A further important finding was that the waterproof treatment did not significantly affect the original mechanical properties of the tested fabrics. In other words, the bursting strength, bursting distension and abrasion resistance were not affected by the waterproof treatment. This indicates that the new fluorochemical coated fabrics are suitable for producing a high quality, breathable waterproof tarp or fitted sheet that can be used in a wide range of healthcare applications. This includes hospital bed fitted sheets and other types of bedding. It is a versatile and durable fabric that can be used for bedding in healthcare facilities, including hospital beds and home beds. Unlike the standard hospital sheet, the fitted sheet can withstand industrial laundering and washing, resulting in a more comfortable and clean sleeping environment for patients.