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Do you know what a pearl canvas is?

Pearl canvas, also known as waterproof non-woven fabric, belongs to the inkjet photo cloth series.
Light weight, good strength, good waterproof performance, strong compatibility, strong anti-ultraviolet performance with pigment ink, can be used outdoors, indoor short-term without filming, pearl canvas material is soft to the touch, it feels like natural silk. It has a large amount of ink absorption, soft color performance, no reflection, and good waterproof performance. Used for various indoor photo machines, water-based inks, and pigment inks are suitable for long-term storage.
Scope of use
For all kinds of portraits, posters and POP paintings, trade show graphics, banners and long-term signs, art photo, wedding photography, commercial and civil, interior decoration and studio background production, etc.
superfine fiber


fiber type
There is no unified statement in the world. The American PET neighborhood committee defines fibers with a monofilament fineness of 0.3 to 1.0 dtex as ultrafine fibers. Japan defines fibers with a monofilament fineness below 0.55 dtex as ultrafine fibers. Italy defines monofilament fibers as ultrafine fibers. Fibers with a fineness of less than 0.5 dtex are defined as microfibers, but most people consider microfibers with a single filament fineness less than 1 dtex, and ultrafine fibers with a fineness of less than 0.1 dtex. In my country's textile industry, fibers with a monofilament fineness less than 0.44 dtex are defined as ultrafine fibers. Most synthetic fibers can be made into microfibers, such as polyamide, polyester, polypropylene, polyacrylonitrile and other fibers.
product category
Ultrafine fibers are mainly divided into ultrafine natural fibers and ultrafine synthetic fibers. Ultrafine natural fibers mainly include animal fibers (spider silk, silk, leather, animal fluff, etc.), plant fibers, etc.; ultrafine synthetic fibers mainly include polyester, polyamide, polyacrylonitrile, polypropylene, PTFE and glass Fiber and other fiber varieties, the largest output in the industry are polyester and polyamide ultrafine fibers.